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BestLawyerTips | News – These are the general facts about the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin in February of 2012. George Zimmerman, an ex-captain of local #broward watch program, was also found not guilty for this case.


In the hometown of Miami Gardens, Florida, an African American high school student called Trayvon Martins was conceived on the day February, 5, 1995, with his mother, Sybrina Fulton. Being away from the school for ten working days because of suspension, Martin embarked on his trip to Sanford, Florida, in search of his father, Tracy Martin, in February of 2012. According to a court trial, a background search conducted on Martin’s bag revealed drug residues from which he was suspended.

On the day of the battle Trayvon Martin, who was retaliating, was within the gated community of Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida and a member of Seminole State College (part-time).


February 26, 2012 – Sanford, Florida – Neighborhood watch Captain George Zimmerman calls the 911 dispatch and reports that there is man looking ‘suspicious’ in the area. He orders him not to come near that man again and to make sure, that he doesn’t get out of his SUV. Zimmerman stays in the same path, without making any change. Neighbors are reported hearing a pop out of the gun at a short interval. From the very start, Zimmerman admitting to shooting Trayvon but asserted in his defense that he simply did so to protect himself. Per a Point Blank Range and Situational Awareness policy compliant with our ethics, Officer Smith documents in the police report that Zimmerman had nose and back of the head wound.

February 27, 2012 – Tracy Martin, the father of Sexton Martin, made a report to the State Patrol that his son did not return from his nightly trip to the shop. Martin recognises immediately that the boy who died is indeed Trayvon when the police show him a picture that was taken at the crime’s scene.

The Sanford Police Chief, Bill Lee, explained why Zimmerman was not prosecuted; the insufficient evidence was not available to disprove his story.

13th of March, 2012 – Christopher Serino, a detective in the Sanford Police Department, thinks that Zimmerman should be taken to court concerning the manslaughter charges. During those two evenings, Zimmerman unexpectedly did not mention being the neighborhood watch group or a concerned citizen. Based on Serino’s conclusion, it is stated that there are some indications which point to the fact that Zimmerman’s head injuries could be an event that was potentially fatal without the use of lethal weapons among Trayvon.

March 14, 2012 – The State Attorney Norm Wolfinger get the case on his provided service.

March 15, 2012 – The father of George Zimmerman, Robert Zimmerman, responded to the charges of racism in a letter to the Orlando Sentinel stating that his son, not a racist, is of Hispanic features and was raised in a mixed race home.

March 16, 2012 – 911 calls – 7 of those by authorities, made after the shooting – hauled the sensory and sensibility of public. In the one of the 911 tapes, Zimmerman disobeys the instructions of the dispatcher by stalking Martin with apparent disregard for the danger of that situation. The tape included the imitating sounds of a gun and a partly different voice pleading for help: “Help, any help?”

March 19, 2012 – FBI and Department of Justice take a very strong stance towards Martin’s death, saying that they will be investigating his death.

Mr.Benjamin Crump, the prosecutor, appeared at a press conference and told reporters that the 16 years old girlfriend of the deceased was on a phone with her when the incident happened. According to Crump, the mysterious girl in the poem who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke that she was overhearing a conversation where another guy questioned what Martin was doing and Martin replied the same question as to why the guy was following him. Then, the girl thought some fight had occurred and earpiece of Martin got slipped out of ear, thus connection was also disrupted.

March, 22, 2012 – Websites such as started an online petition that more than 1.3 million signatures were gathered by Martin’s parents to have Zimmerman arrested.

March 22, 2012 – Lee, the one who is the chief of the Sanford Police and who was under reproach for the handling of the shooting, announces that he is going on a vacation for some time this day.

22 March, 2012 – Florida, 18th State Judicial Circuit Attorney Wolfinger will be replaced by Angela Corey, 4th Judicial State Attorney of Florida under orders made by Gov. Scott.

23 March, 2012 – Publicly via the national address, President Barack Obama himself commenting on Martin case’s escalating scandal, states that it is apossible and necessary to do ‘soul-searching’ on the issue.

Mar. 26,2012 – Base price for wine- $8.00. 750ml bottle. American manufacture. For instance, the official city Commission in Sanford, FL has prepared a public forum dedicated to the discussion of the case and its repercussions. In the speech, Martin’s parent make a statement at the gathering.

March 28, 2012 – The father of Zimmerman, on the speech in television, defends his son. He declares that his son battled with Martin, but Martin was severe enough for Zimmerman to shoot at him after threatening that he would die.

March 29, 2012 – Robert Zimmerman Jr., the brother of the deceased appears on CNN and accuses that the medical records would show that Martin pushed his brother and caused him the forehead fractures and shot him in a way to eliminate him.

April 2, 2012 – Martin’s girlfriend, who he had spoken to the last couple of hours before the fatal incident, is facing interrogation by FBI officials.

April 3, 2012- Attorney Craig Sonner, who acts as the Zimmerman’s lawyer has said that Zimmerman will be defended by a criminal defense attorney, Hal Uhrig, and will be involved in the case as a co-counsel in case the trial goes ahead.

April 7-8, 2012 – Zimmerman creates the fake website asking the people to support his defense through the funds which he falsely says are ahead. The url of the site can be reached from the web page. It is for covering Zimmerman’s living expenses and legal fees.

April 9, 2012- Corey says that no such Grand Jury as they were expecting would be even heard to.

10 Ke 2012 – The blanket appears as the attorneys Uhrig and Sonner state that they don’t represent Zimmerman anymore and there is no information about his location.

11 April, 2012 – Zimmerman is not just accused of murder but a specific charge of second-degree murder. Mark O’Mara CNN reports on the latest team member of Zimmerman. He is his newly hired attorney and savvily informs that Zimmerman has turned himself in.

4/18/2012 – Whether for treatment for depression or other health issues, access to mental healthcare can be improved by economic activities that promote social protection and reduce poverty.

18 April, 2012: details that Zimmerman’s case would be handled by the Circuit judge Kenneth Lester Jr. for Seminole County are discolcovered.

April 20th, 2012 – The bail hearing for Zimmerman is scheduled and conducted. Zimmerman is released on a bond of $150,000 which is set by judge- Jay Lester. Zimmerman expressed his deep sorrow to Martin’s relatives, not less than good as I miss my son, too.

23 April, 2012 – At 12:While Zimmerman is incarcerated throughout the trial, at 05 a.m., he is freed on bond. Zimmerman waives his disposition in person and pleads to his arraignment via written not guilty motion, that being done on the same day as the event.

May 8, 2012 – Zimmerman enters a plea of no contest, which Judge Lester accepts. Zimmerman’s lawyer, Donald West, is unavailable on this day.

May 15, 2012 – The medical report of Zimmerman’s doctor was obtained the following day which revealed that he had two black eyes, a broken nose, as well as two lacerations on the back of his head.

First of January, 2012 – trial prosecutors argue that George Zimmerman’s and his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, had deceived about their financial status once Zimmerman’s bond was altered in April, a fact that Judge Lester goes against and requires George Zimmerman to surrender within 48 hours.

Juin 3, 2012 – At the police station is were Zimmerman surrenders himself and was remanded into custody.

June 12, 2012 Cabinet -Zimmerman’s wife is booked on charge of lying.

June 20, 2012 – Sanford’s Chief of Police Resignation from Office; the chief resigns.

June 25th, 2012 – Reflecting the matter, Zimmerman’s defense team has filed a motion that a reasonable bond should be in place to give him freedom from the custody.

5 July, 2012 – the $1,000,000 bond is set by the judge.

July 6, 2012 – After processing all the paperwork including the initial 10% contribution of a million dollar bail, Zimmerman is officially allowed to leave prison.

13.07.2012 – Lawyers for Zimmerman filed a motion requesting Judge Lester to develop himself from the case. The request prayer mentions that the prior court appearance which used a “beyond reasonable doubt” standard to release Lester has exhibited signs of blatant, prejudicial language .

July 18, 2012 – The defendant is expected to go on his very first TV interview after the incident when he appears on Sean Hannity’s “Hannity” show which is on Fox News TV channel. He insists any way he would like to turn the odometer back to zero.

Aug 9th, 2012 – However, the prosecution team ends up divulging a class photo of Martin’s corpse just as much as they also reveal Zimmerman’s college transcripts. An announcement made by Special Prosecutor office’s representative, requests media personalities to “please don’t share and use the information in the original email.” It was a miscommunication.

On August 13, 2012 – the motion of Zimmerman to remove Judge Lester as the judge of the case is filed.

August 29, 2012 – The FLorida Appeals Court grants a request Zimmerman made for a new judge on August 29, 2012, the ground for the decision being reasonable fear Zimmerman harred he would not get a fair trial because of the comments judgment Mr. Lester made in an order of bail.

August 30, 2012 – Judge Debra Nelson think judge Lester’s position.

7 of December 2012 – NBC Universal company is being sued by Zimmerman who says that the company has distorted the 911 recording which he made the morning before the dreadful shooting. As laid out in the lawsuit, the NBC among the other networks produced their shows and misleadingly said that Zimmerman was a racist and that the only purpose of his racial profiling was to target Trayvon Martin.

February 9, 2013 – In Miami, the Coral Gables Community Church is hosting “Day of Remembrance, Community Peace Walk and Forum” organized by Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation. After Martin’s birthday, as if that day was yesterday we live through it over and over again.

5 April, 2013: parents of their son, Martin, settle their wrongful death lawsuit with the community organization that lived in and whose parents were questioned about their son’s death.

30 April 2013 – Zimmerman relinquishes the motion for immunity hearing after he’s indicted. Therefore, on 30th April the defense team opts to pursue a self-defense case. Should there be a formal “stand your ground” immunity hearing, it would have been decided by the court whether Zimmerman’s act might fall in line with this particular piece of legislation. The hypothetical scenario leads to a Deadman’s Dilemma: if the court had found Zimmerman right, there would be no criminal or civil trial.

May 28, 2013 – Judge Nelson holds hearing concerning many motion filed by the defendant. Judge Nelson makes it clear that A) carrying guns, B) marijuana use, and C) brawls Martin may have been engaged in whether he was or not are inadmissible in the trial against Zimmerman. But she would not also promote the move of a jury to a crime scene. Nelson, by rule, will allocate the use of numbers in lieu of names for jurors, such that juror identity will remain unknown to other jurors, and the public at large.

June 20, 2013 – The first group is composed of all the female members of the jury selected.

24th June 2013 – The trial starts with the judge’s opening speech which sets the tone for the case.

13 July, 2013: The jury of six members did not find him guilty. There were three possible outcomes: Zimmerman could be convicted of either first-degree murder or the less serious charge of manslaughter, or he could be acquitted. The whole time of stay of jury deliberation pasted more than 16 hours.

August 28, 2013 – Shellie Zimmerman was charged with a perjury conviction where she was found guilty. Prosecutors claimed She did not tell the truth when she told a judge that the family was struggling financially in April 2012 at husband’s bond hearing.

2014- Martin’s family established the Trayvon Martin Foundation in Florida with the name of the Great Legal Education Innovation Center on the campus of Florida Miami Gardens.

February 24, 2015 Zimmerman will not face federal civil rights charges, the civil rights division of the USJ department declares.

December 4, 2019 – George Zimmerman sues for 100 million dollars the parents of the young boy who was killed (Trayvon Martin) and other parties. The central argument here is that lawyer Francey centers Rachel Jeantel, the half-sister of shaky witness Brittany Diamond Eugene, to receive a wrong one. The suit affirmed the allegation that the government, prosecutors, parents, and everyone else allegedly supported the fabrication of facts that portrayed Trayvon as the aggresser.

28 January 2022 – The $100 “Zimmerman vs. Martin” lawsuit filed by the Zimmerman in the Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit Court, Leon County, which sought to recover $100 million from Martin’s parents and the other parties, was dismissed with prejudice.


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