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Pedestrian Crossing Street Knocked 20 Feet Down the Road

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Case Study – In an automobile accident that resulted in injuries to a pedestrian, the driver misled her insurance company about the details of the incident.

In the event, a vehicle struck a pedestrian who was crossing the roadway. The pedestrian was allegedly 20 feet away from the authorized junction when the driver of the car claimed that the pedestrian had run into their path. But further research turned up an important witness whose testimony supported the pedestrian’s version of events.

After her insurance claim was rejected and the insurer claimed she was at blame for the collision, the client, a pedestrian, sought assistance. She tried to cross a residential street with a stop sign while exercising on a sidewalk near a main route. A vehicle making a left turn off the main road onto the residential street struck her as she was crossing. She was thrown over the car by the crash and onto the pavement beside the curb.

The pedestrian abruptly entered their path, not at the junction but farther down the street, and the driver originally reported to the police that they were almost completed the turn. However, our client insisted that she was pushed down the street while crossing the junction because of the impact

It was clear from reading the police report that contradicting claims made it impossible to assign blame. Luckily, our client’s version of events was supported by a witness whose contact details were included in the report. Even with this important piece of proof, the insurance company continued to reject the claim.

The company went ahead and filed a lawsuit, securing a witness deposition that clearly proved the driver was at fault. The insurance provider was then forced to pay the claim within the parameters of the contract.

In summary, the company successfully secured justice for our client by conducting a thorough investigation and advocating on her behalf, ensuring that she was compensated for the injuries she experienced in the accident.

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