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Wander Franco’s Legal Defense Team Experiences Another Departure

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BestLawyerTips | News – Wander Franco, the talented shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, finds his legal team facing further instability as he confronts potential criminal charges. This marks the second instance in under two months that the team defending him against serious allegations has undergone significant changes.

Franco’s Legal Turmoil Continues

The legal landscape surrounding Wander Franco remains uncertain as the young athlete faces the prospect of criminal charges, endangering both his freedom and his professional baseball career.

On Tuesday, one of Franco’s two legal representatives in the Dominican Republic, Juan Francisco Rodríguez Consoró, conveyed via text to the Tampa Bay Times that he had severed ties with the 22-year-old athlete.

“I am no longer representing Franco,” Rodríguez Consoró stated bluntly, declining to elaborate on the timing or reasons for his withdrawal.

An Unsettling Pattern

This development marks the second upheaval in Franco’s legal defense within a remarkably brief period. Previously, his initial legal team, comprised of Luz Diaz Rodriguez, Rosalina Trueba, Cristian Cabrera, and Manuel Rodriguez, ceased their representation of him on December 28th. Their departure coincided with Franco being summoned to address the serious allegations lodged against him. The abruptness of their exit hindered their ability to inform Franco of the summons, further complicating an already tumultuous situation.

Ongoing Investigation and Potential Ramifications

Franco remains under intense scrutiny by Dominican authorities, facing potential charges of abduction, as well as sexual and psychological abuse stemming from an alleged relationship with a 14-year-old girl in 2022. If convicted, Franco could face a substantial prison sentence, effectively derailing his promising career in Major League Baseball. Additionally, the specter of money laundering charges, which carry even weightier penalties, looms over his legal predicament.

Legal Challenges and New Counsel

Following his initial detention for failing to heed the summons, Franco secured the services of new legal representation in the form of Rodríguez Consoró and Teodosio Jáquez Encarnación. Despite Rodríguez Consoró’s recent departure, Jáquez Encarnación remains steadfast in his role as Franco’s defense attorney, refraining from commenting on his former colleague’s exit.

Scrutiny on Rodríguez Consoró

Rodríguez Consoró’s abrupt withdrawal from Franco’s legal team coincided with inquiries into his own legal background, revealing a troubling history marred by allegations of misconduct. Less than a year ago, he faced dismissal as a criminal court judge following an investigation into allegations of bribery and favoritism towards criminal suspects. These serious accusations undermine his credibility as Franco’s legal representative, further complicating an already challenging legal battle.


Wander Franco’s legal saga continues to unfold, punctuated by personnel changes within his defense team and mounting scrutiny on the individuals entrusted with his representation. As the investigation into his alleged misconduct progresses, the young athlete’s future hangs in the balance, with significant implications for both his personal freedom and professional aspirations.

Article Source: TampaBay.com

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